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Sweet Cherubim Organic and Natural Food Store, Bakery, and Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant was founded in 1980 by Kulwant Bagga and family, with the motto that if we buy bulk, make and package products ourselves we can give people better quality food for better prices. We are here to provide delicious and nutritious foods to our customers, satisfying employment to our staff and to serve our community through promoting good health and clean living.

More than half of what sells in Sweet Cherubim is manufactured or grown in British Columbia. A lot is manufactured right in-store. For example, bread, cookies, granola and many candies. This means low prices for you and more benefits to the local economy.

At Sweet Cherubim buying organic & natural food is easy, inexpensive, and our friendly staff are always available to help you.


Six things Sweet Cherubim Natural Foods does for the planet

  1. Support organic farming

Our organic products are made using only organic ingredients grown by farmers that work to maintain soil nutrients using sustainable farming practices without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Our vendors’ manufacturing facilities are certified organic. Our choice of vendors with organic certification represents the acknowledgement that the have a custodial obligation to protect our environment and ensure a healthy and delicious food product.

  1. Produce and promote vegan and vegetarian foods

In promoting a healthy life style and due to the concerns for our planet, all products carried by Sweet Cherubim are vegetarian and a majority is Vegan.  This means our products do not contain any animal products, with the exception of honey.
This reduces the use of fossil fuels, green house gases, water, water pollution and deforestation.

  1. Find sustainable packaging alternatives

Due to concerns for the environment and quality, At Sweet Cherubim we strive to source the ingredients as locally as possible. Many of the products that we carry are packaged in recyclable glass and plastic while keeping the product to package ratio high. This not only reduces our carbon foot print but also keeps our foods fresh, healthy and enjoyable. For example New World Live bars and Bliss Balls are packaged in a biodegradable natural containers made from corn. In the restaurant we have biodegradable containers for take out.

  1. Offer our products in bulk sizes.

At Sweet Cherubim natural Foods we offer products in economical sizes and in bulk bins This makes their product to package ratio high. The reduced packaging in turn reduces transportation costs, use of fossil fuels and thus helps reduce the carbon foot print. Buying bulk and larger sizes means fewer trips to the store and this simple choice can make a big difference to the amount of garbage ending in the landfills.

  1. Follow environmentally sustainable business practices

Sweet Cherubim Natural Foods follows environmentally sustainable business practices such as recycling, less packaging, waste elimination to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency.

  1. Support local and global charitable initiatives

Sweet Cherubim Natural Foods supports local and global communities. In 2010 we donated 50 cents per bag of   New World granola and muesli sold during January 15- February 28 2010 Red Cross for the Haiti Earthquake relief.

Sweet Cherubim is your source for:

  • certified organic produce and groceries

  • 100% Canadian 

  • 100% pure vegetarian

  • vegan & wheat free groceries

  • herbs

  • spices

  • vitamins 

  • homeopathic remedies

  • sports nutrition

  • cruelty free and hypo-allergenic body care  

  • books

  • juicers 

  • much more




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